Often times a service upgrade is not required, however, a distribution panel replacement may be needed.   A service upgrade, by definition, is the replacement of the service equipment and conductors, to accommodate a higher load than the existing equipment and conductors, or to accommodate more breaker positions.  Many service upgrades may also involve modernizing a home's branch circuitry's overcurrent protection from fuses to breakers. 

Every customer is different, and for the most part, the basics behind a residential stay the same.  Contact Wrightwood Electric Systems to get expert advice, if you're concerned with your home's service.



Today's home networking and low-voltage systems, really haven't changed much.  Sure, the internet speeds we're used to today have exponentially increased in the last 10-20 years, and will continue to do so - however, the hardwired system in your house being built today, doesn't grossly contrast against a house that was built 15 years ago.  Again, cabling and connector technology has improved from a physical standpoint, but the basics remain the same.  Unfortunately, another thing that hasn't changed, and is all too common, is the mediocre system and cabling job that the homeowner is left with.  Typically, the low-voltage and network wiring will be ran to a central distribution point, and coiled up in several frustration-packed spools of unidentifiable cables.

Wrightwood does this work differently, and treats these systems with the same pride of workmanship that we put into a power distribution system.  Customers are provided with system drawings, professionally labeled cabling, and an exceptionally installed and clean low-voltage and networking distribution center, that will likely want to be showcased, rather than hidden, by the customer.

Poor system wiring or device condition isn't always obvious or apparent. Call for a free inspection if any of the images to the right (below on mobile page) look familiar.  These are signs of a very dated electrical system that require professional attention.



Example of Network System Diagram provided to a customer:


Superior and unique lighting and design can take a home from "nice" to breathtaking.

Wrightwood Electric Systems advises in more ways than just specifying devices and layouts, such as timeless ways to accent an area of your home that you'd like attention drawn towards when somebody walks through the front door.

Every home is different and can be transformed into your vision with the right advice.Wrightwood will meet you at your home for

inspirational ideas, and honest advice.