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At Wrightwood Electric Systems - we are committed to delivering the highest quality installations.  


Wrightwood Electric Systems has a goal, and it isn't to beat last quarter's revenue, or see how much we can mark up material - Our goal is to provide you with what you want, and give you the absolute best electrical system your money can buy.  In order to do that, we need to have the following three things on our mind from start to finish:  Safety, Quality, and Industry Excellence. 

Wrightwood Electric Systems began officially in 2012 - however it was built on nearly 15 years of experience with Electrical Construction, Design, and City of Chicago Municipal Code adherence.

Wrightwood Electric Systems specializes in custom applications and design - read more about it here.  

What we're all about...

City of Chicago - Registered Electrical Contractor - ECC94999

City of Chicago - Licensed Supervising Electrician -

SE7270 - Michael Wasiukiewicz

Wrightwood Electric Systems, LLC

Founded: 2012

Owner: Mike Wasiukiewicz, S.E.

Certifications: City of Chicago Licensed Supervising Electrician and Registered Electrical Contractor (SE7270 | ECC94999)


Areas of expertise:  High Quality Electrical Installations, Design, and Analytical & Troubleshooting Services